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The KU Department of Public Administration was founded in 1955 to educate a new generation of leaders for the Republic of Korea, which then was desperately dependent on foreign aids in aftermath of the Korean War. This history clearly shows that the Department is the most faithful representation of the ideals of ​​Korea University, which was originally founded by the support of Chosun royal funds with the desire of the Korean people for protecting the country from the colonial imperialism in 1905.

Over the past 60 years, the KU Department of Public Administration has kept its promise to raise national talents. Numerous graduates have served for citizens as elite bureaucratic leaders in various government agencies. Some prominent graduates have entered the politics and led the legislative process. Many graduates have played a leading role in the public enterprises, business, start-ups, and media. In recent years, an increasing number of graduates have entered law schools.

The backbone of the Department is its splendid tradition of social science research in the field of public administration and policy. The Department has cultivated a unique academic atmosphere in which researchers focus on the nature of social phenomena surrounding government administration and policy in Korea as well as the East Asian region. Our faculty is currently carrying out several long-term research projects on such themes as ‘Governance Re-design’, ‘Diversities of Governance’, ‘Underdevelopment and Social Risk’, and ‘Public Values in the New Normal Era’, which all are financially supported by the Korean government research funds including Brain Korea 21 Plus and Social Science Korea. The excellence of the faculty research has been recognized internationally. Our department is placed 28th in the QS World University Rankings in 2017.

The KU Department of Public Administration is a community of professors, students, and alumni. Thanks to the financial supports of our alumni, the Department has funded various scholarship, research, exchange programs. These departmental programs include Global Public Talents Initiative, Global Citizenship Summer Institute (Univ. of Hong Kong and National Taiwan Univ.), Price School of Public Policy (Univ. of Southern California) for undergraduate students and Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Research Enhancement Awards, and Kim Young Pyoung International Fellowship for graduate students.

The future is approaching us with new opportunities and challenges that no one has ever imagined. We always need those who are committed to public values and able to protect the lives of ordinary citizens amid unprecedented social, economic, international changes. All members of the KU Department of Public Administration are prepared to open a window of opportunity for those future national leaders. 

Professor and Department Chair
Doo-Rae Kim