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The Department of Public Administration of Korea University (KUPA) was founded in 1955. Since then, the slogan of the KUPA has been "Design the Nation." The KUPA was established to educate a new generation of leaders for the Republic of Korea, while Korea was struggling in the ruins of Korean War. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the KUPA in 2015, we looked back on the path that the KUPA had taken. The spirit of putting public values ahead of individual interests has been the greatest tradition of the KUPA. Numerous graduates have served for citizens as elite bureaucratic leaders in various government agencies. Some prominent graduates have entered the politics and led the legislative process. Many graduates have played a leading role within their professions. In recent years, an increasing number of graduates have entered law schools. 

Another axis that has shaped the tradition of the KUPA is its academic excellence. The quality of KUPA academic program has been leading other schools, both graduate and undergraduate. Our faculty is currently carrying out several long-term research projects on such themes as 'Governance Re-design', 'Diversities of Governance', 'Underdevelopment and Social Risk', and 'Public Values in the New Normal Era', which all are financially supported by the Korean government research funds including Brain Korea 21 Plus and Social Science Korea. The excellence of the faculty research has been recognized internationally. Our department is placed 28th in the QS World University Rankings in 2017.

The KUPA has been developed so far with great love and support from alumni and many sponsors. There are many departmental programs such as Global Public Talents Initiative, Global Citizenship Summer Institute (Univ. of Hong Kong and National Taiwan Univ.), and the Price School of Public Policy (Univ. of Southern California) for undergraduate students. For graduate students, we offer various scholarship such as Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Research Enhancement Awards, and Kim Young Pyoung International Fellowship.

The KUPA members firmly believe that the future of KUPA is the future of Korea. No matter what challenges we face, we'll do our best, thinking that the moment is an opportunity to design a nation. I hope you are willing to join our efforts to make a better society.


Professor and Department Chair
Hee-Kang Kim