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Korea University established the Department of Public Administration (KUPA) in 1955, the first of its kind in Korea. Since its inception, KUPA has developed alongside the field of public administration in Korea and has produced numerous public administration, political, and legal professionals. 

Numerous KUPA alumni have entered government ministries, the National Assembly, and public institutions and taken the lead in promoting public interest and constitutional value for all citizens, while others working in private companies and research institutes have fulfilled their social responsibilities in their respective fields. The number of graduates who go on to law school and dedicate themselves to advocating human rights and realizing social justice as legal professionals has recently increased. The spirit of placing public value and public interest ahead of individual interest is the greatest tradition of KUPA.

Now, in the face of the post-COVID new normal and the era of artificial intelligence (AI), the outstanding students and faculty members of KUPA are preparing for a new leap forward. Many undergraduates have produced outstanding achievements not only in the field of public administration but also in other areas, and the faculty members have led large-scale national research projects such as Brain Korea 21 PLUS and Social Science Korea, demonstrating excellent research capabilities internally and externally. Meanwhile, many KUPA graduates take time every year to pass on their insights to freshmen and have established a large fund to support a public sector talent development program for undergraduates preparing for the Grade-5 civil servant or law school entrance exams. For undergraduate students, KUPA provides financial support for the GCSE Overseas Study Program (University of Hong Kong) and the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy program. For graduate students, it offers various educational, scholarship, and international programs, such as the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Excellent Enhancement Awards, and the Kim Young Pyoung International Fellowship.

KUPA's top priority is to nurture experts who can respond to future challenges and contribute to the formation of visions for the country. KUPA will encourage and support them as much as possible so that they can grow into leaders who take the lead in solving various social problems.



Professor and Department Chair
Sang Ok Choi