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Outline of Education

The graduate program of KUPA has been the top institution for research and education on public administration in Korea led by excellent faculty and enthusiastic students.


The graduate program is designed to prepare students for careers in the public service, university teaching, and advanced research in public administration and public policy. Furthermore we have a vision to raise pioneers to export public administration of Korea to other Asian countries. KUPA encourages students to study various fields of public administration including <Governance and Institutions>, <Public Management>, <Policy Studies>, and <Methodology>.



Integrated B.A. & M.A. Program


Students can obtain a B.A. in public administration and M.A. degree in 5 years through the Integrated BA & MA program. The program allots 7 semesters for the bachelor’s degree and 3 semesters for the master's degree, allowing students to save a full year.




M.A. in Public Administration Program


Concentration in Public Administration

The objective of the public administration concentration is to prepare students to become future academics. The curriculum covers diverse subfields in public administration. After graduation, students majoring in public administration typically enter a doctoral program or utilize their expertise at various research institutions both in the public and in the private sectors.


Concentration in Policy Analysis

The objective of the policy analysis concentration is to prepare students to become experts for policy analysis and evaluation. Students majoring in policy analysis will concentrate on quantitative and qualitative methodologies during their coursework. After graduation, students majoring in policy analysis have gone into policy research institutions, survey research institutions, consulting firms, etc.


Doctoral Program


After issuing the first doctoral dissertation by Kil-jo Kim (professor emeritus at Choong-Ang University, Seoul) in 1980, the doctoral program in KUPA is well-known for its excellent graduates who have become leading scholars in academia.